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While opinion polls indicate a growing concern among Americans that their new president has no coherent plan to reverse the nation's economic woes, and lacks the principled conviction to boldly address crises in Iran, North Korea and the Middle East, still a majority say they love "the idea of an Obama presidency."

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll shows that 56 percent still of approve of President Barack Obama "as a theoretical concept," even as support for his handling of the economy and foreign policy has slipped in recent days.

Nearly 70 percent expressed concerns that the government would "completely take over the economy, reducing the people to serfdom in a land where every coin bears the image of the feudal lord."

Yet even the naysayers admit that their concerns about the collapse of capitalism and the subversion of our Constitutional Republic are "mere quibbles" compared with the thrill of having Obama in the White House.

In the words of one survey respondent, "it's just so cool to have a president who's just so cool."

"His wife grows organic veggies while wearing designer clothes, and he jets around the globe like Bono and kills White House flies with his lightning-fast reflexes," the unnamed poll respondent said.

"Obama is really a projection of who we all want to be. Whatever you think of his policies -- and I'll grant you, he's got some doozies -- you can't help but get caught up in the aura, the buzz, the zeitgeist. It makes me proud to be an American, or at least jazzed to be one of Obama's constituents."

In an unrelated poll, 79 percent of women said they would "continue to date a hot guy with a great car even if he made me pay his way into the movies and I lived in constant fear that his reckless driving was going to get me killed."

Examiner columnist Scott Ott is editor in chief of, the family-friendly news satire site, and anchor of ScrappleFace Network News, seen on YouTube.