In a revealing post-election survey, a majority of Americans said that the FBI's reopening of the email investigation of Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton less than two weeks before Election Day did not impact their vote, and 8 percent said it had a "positive impact."

Blowing a hole into claims by Clinton and her shocked and tearful surrogates that the reopening by FBI Director James Comey gave Donald Trump the presidency, Zogby Analytics found that 58 percent said it had no impact.

And among the 30 percent who said it had a negative impact, most were Republicans likely already planning to vote against her. Only 14 percent of Clinton "supporters" said it had a negative impact.

What's more, Zogby found that most voters had decided to pick even before the presidential debates.

In his new survey, he reported that two thirds had decided who to vote for a month before the election. And 26 percent decided a year ago.

When did you make your decision for whom to vote for President?

  • A year ago 26%
  • More than a month ago 39%
  • During the presidential debates 18%
  • In the last week before voting 8%
  • In the 24 hours before voting 4%
  • In the voting booth 3%
  • Not sure 3%

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