Despite electing Yale and Harvard graduates for the last four consecutive presidents, Americans overwhelmingly want the next president to come from a non-Ivy League school, according to a national poll of likely voters.

Rasmussen Reports found that just 5 percent think it's better for American to have an Ivy president. A staggering 85 percent believe its better for presidents to come from a variety of schools, not just the elite eight.

President Obama attended Harvard Law. Both Bush's went to Yale as did former President Clinton.

Unlike most polls, there was no partisan disagreement in Rasmussen's survey.

The poll didn't suggest why the public is down on the schools other than to suggest that the schools are elitist and accept students based on wealth and connections, not grades.

In fact, his poll found just 23 percent of Americans believe schools like Harvard and Yale accept only the most qualified students.

"If two students applied to Harvard, only 13 percent think the one with the better academic record and better SAT scores would be admitted if he or she had no connection to the school over an applicant whose parents went there and make large donations. Seventy-seven percent believe the student whose parents attended Harvard and make large donations to the school would be accepted instead," said the pollster.