A new poll finds President Obama's approval rating underwater days before his State of the Union address, where he will seek to restart his stalled domestic agenda.

A CBS News poll released Thursday finds Obama with a 46 percent approval rating, with 47 percent disapproval. That approval mark is higher than the president's 2013 low point of 42 percent, which he hit in December following the botched rollout of his health care reform law.

But while the president has seen a slight bump, the poll finds Americans with deep concerns about where the nation is headed.

Sixty-one percent say the U.S. is on the wrong track, with 33 percent saying the country is moving in the right direction.

Obama's approval rating is lower than that of both Presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan at similar points in their presidency. Clinton held a 56 percent approval rating in January 1998 and Reagan a 65 percent positive mark in January 1986.

But Obama is polling better than former President George W. Bush who registered a 42 percent approval rating in January 2006 at the start of his sixth year in office.

Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday will be a critical opportunity for him to rally public support behind his domestic policies which failed to move in Congress last year. But Obama has also vowed to use executive actions to move ahead where lawmakers fail to act.

The poll was conducted from Jan. 17-21 and has a 3-point margin of error.