President Obama has hit a two-year low in Rasmussen Reports approval ratings, driven by the nation's discouragement over the Obamacare website

Rasmussen on Monday released their monthly averages for Obama and found that he also suffered his highest disapproval rating, 54 percent, since October 2011, 26 months ago.

The survey outfit compiles monthly polling averages to find long-term trends and to get out of the day-to-day frenzy over Obama's approval ratings. The latest release isn't good news for Obama.

According to Rasmussen:

– Obama’s total job approval dipped four points to 45 percent in November, his lowest monthly approval in two years.

- The White House can blame Obamacare because his approval rating had inched up following the government shutdown, but “took a hard hit in November from the problems surrounding the rollout of the new national health care law.”

– In recent weeks, Obama's daily job approval ratings have been at their lowest levels. In November, 54 percent disapproved of the president's performance, up five points from the month before.

- Negative reviews of Obama's leadership continue to rise and now stand at their highest level in over three years.

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