As aides and friends rally around the Golfer-In-Chief for playing 192 rounds as president, a new poll finds that nearly a third of the public believes President Obama golfs too much — and he deserves to be criticized.

The survey from found that 30 percent of Americans believe Obama hits the links too often, and 31 percent said it is fair to criticize his weekend and vacation hobby.

Some 33 percent told the pollster that they are “unsure” what their opinion is on his golfing, and 37 percent said he doesn’t play too much. On the question of criticizing the president, 54 percent said it’s not fair to beat him up over it.

The poll revealed a huge political divide on the issue. Democrats said Obama doesn’t play too much and shouldn’t be criticized when he does, as he was during his recent 16-day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

For example, 69 percent of Democrats said Obama does not overdo it. Some 55 percent of Republicans disagreed.

And a whopping 82 percent of Democrats said it is not fair to criticize Obama for playing golf, while 57 percent of Republicans said it was fair.

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