A new poll released Thursday found that an all-time high number of Americans believe Obamacare has hurt them.

According to Gallup, 23 percent of those surveyed said that President Obama's signature domestic achievement had hurt them, the highest such figure since the pollster began asking Americans the question in 2012. It's an increase of 4 percent from recent Gallup polls taken in late 2013 and early 2014.

The latest survey found that 63 percent of respondents said the Affordable Care Act had no impact on them or their families. In comparison, just 10 percent said the law had helped them personally.

The poll was conducted between Feb. 28 and March 2, just before the administration’s announcement that insurers could renew health plans that don’t meet Obamacare standards for an extra two years.

Perceptions of Obamacare, not surprisingly, are largely divided along party lines.

“Republicans are more than five times as likely [39 percent] as Democrats [7 percent] to say the ACA has had a negative impact,” the pollster said. “One in four independents say the law has hurt them or their families.”

Still, twice as many Americans said Obamacare would make their families’ health care situation worse rather than better.

The president earlier Thursday insisted that his administration would not delay the March 31 deadline for Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a fine, saying that the public would eventually rally behind the law.