Nearly one-third of the people who watched Saturday night's GOP debate said Sen. Marco Rubio won it, according to an overnight survey.

Thirty-two percent of debate watchers told a CBS poll that Rubio performed the best in the debate, a big boost for the Florida senator whose reptitions in the last Republican debate earned him lots of criticism and small group of demonstrators who follow him to events dressed as robots.

Twenty-four percent of watchers said Donald Trump won last night's debate, followed by 19 percent naming John Kasich, 12 percent naming Cruz, 8 percent naming Ben Carson and 5 percent naming Jeb Bush as the respective winners.

The CBS-sponsored debate Saturday night was the ninth for Republicans vying for the White House. It took place in Greenville, S.C., a week before the state's GOP primary. Of the two state contests already completed, Cruz won in Iowa and Trump won in New Hampshire.

The overnight poll also found that Trump is the clear leader when respondents were asked which of the candidates most share their values. Twenty-seven percent picked Trump, while 16 percent each chose Carson and Rubio. But respondents most often chose Kasich when asked which candidate is best prepared to be president. Twenty-two percent chose the Ohio governor, compared to 20 percent for Trump.