Voters, even Republicans, like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton more than President Obama, but a new poll finds the nation divided over whether they want her to run for president in 2016.

A Economist/YouGov poll just released finds that 41 percent want Clinton to run for the office once held by her husband, but 43 percent don't.

That division, however, isn’t likely to stall her march to the nomination since an overwhelming percentage of Democrats (69 percent) want her as their pick. And the 1,000 adults polled Feb. 22-24, have a favorable opinion of the former first lady.

The new poll includes several areas that should buoy Clinton fans. Among the results:

-- Clinton’s has a 70 percent favorable rating among Democrats; it's 20 percent among Republicans, but that's double their favorability rating of Obama.

-- The country is evenly divided on the question of whether Clinton says what she believes. The public is 16 points more likely to say the president says mostly what people want to hear.

-- 49 percent approve of her job at State, 39 percent don’t.

-- 58 percent say they like Clinton, 31 percent don’t.

-- 49 percent said she has the qualifications to be president, 38 percent don’t.

Even Bill Clinton comes off well in the poll, with 57 percent telling Economist/YouGov that they approve of how he “handled his job as president."

The poll found no other Democrat close to Clinton in popularity, though Vice President Joe Biden has a near-equal 67 percent approval rating.

Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at