The latest poll from Suffolk University shows Democratic Rep. Ed Markey leading Republican Gabriel Gomez 52%-42% in the special Senate election held tomorrow. That puts it roughly in the midpoint of the June special election polls as aggregated in So it’s not a very interesting result, given that we’ll know the actual election results in less than 48 hours.

But there is one interesting thing in the poll. Suffolk asks Massachusetts voters to rate Obama’s performance and to say whether they have favorable or unfavorable feelings about Barack Obama. As is often the case, his fav/unfav numbers are somewhat more positive than his job approval. But in both cases his numbers in Suffolk’s Massachusetts special Senate election voters have been plummeting.

The trend is in the embedded spreadsheet below:

These are big drops – 16% in job approval and 14% in favorability in less than eight weeks. What happened during those eight weeks? The IRS targeting scandal. The Justice Department’s treatment of the Associated Press and Fox News’s James Rosen. Revelation of NSA surveillance programs. Suffolk reports that its sample by a 55%-31% margin does not trust the federal government to protect its privacy and by a 45%-42% disapproves of Obama’s new policy of providing ammunition and weapons to Syrian rebels.

Is Obama losing Massachusetts liberals? Or some other segment of the electorate? These are surprising numbers in a state he carried over a former Massachusetts governor by a 61%-38% margin.