If Michael Bloomberg declared as an independent and ran in a three-way race against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and a Republican nominee Donald Trump, it would be to Trump's advantage, a new poll suggests.

Bloomberg is supposedly flirting with a 2016 run, and reportedly sees an opening. The former New York City mayor (a former Democrat and former Republican) has begun privately polling to see how he'd do against a Republican Party that nominated an unconventional nominee like Trump, and a Democratic party that nominated a scandal-ridden Hillary Clinton, or democratic socialist Bernie Sanders.

Trump would win such a matchup, 37 percent to Clinton's 36 percent to 13 percent, according to a new poll out from Morning Consult. Fourteen percent of respondents "don't know" how they would vote. This is within the margin of error.

Most polls currently have Clinton beating Trump in a head-to-head matchup.

Bloomberg could be suffering from low name recognition.

Forty-three percent of respondents in this poll didn't know who he was, versus 4 percent for Clinton and 6 percent for Trump.

It's plausible Bloomberg's numbers could rise with greater voter familiarity.

The poll also suggests Clinton would defeat Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, however, if Bloomberg is a factor.

Clinton gets 38 percent, versus Cruz's 24 percent, versus Bloomberg's 11 percent in that matchup.

According to this poll, Clinton would also best Marco Rubio 38 percent to 33 percent, with Bloomberg receiving 10 percent.