Being Biden, it seems, isn't a winning proposition.

Vice President Joe Biden, the subject of the White House's new "Being Biden" audio series meant to prop up the veep, still needs help winning the public's trust.

A new Rasmussen Reports poll finds that his favorable ratings are underwater. Forty-eight percent view him unfavorably; 46 percent view the likely 2016 presidential candidate favorably. Even among his fellow Catholics, he only gets a 41 percent favorable rating.

Rasmussen likes to break down the numbers further, and Biden's favorables are upside down: 35 percent view the vice president "very" unfavorably while 22 percent have a "very favorable" view.

According to the pollster, "Biden's favorables have been largely in the 40s since 2009. His unfavorables have generally been slightly higher."

But Democrats love him. Some 80 percent view him favorably. But unlike other Democrats, men like Biden more than women. Among men, he gets a 47 percent favorable rating while that is 45 percent among women.

His highest favorable ratings are among liberals: 75 percent.