Most Americans aren't sure we're doing the right thing in Iraq as Islamist militants push for control of the country, a new poll finds.

Over the past several weeks, about 750 noncombat American troops have been deployed to aid the Iraqi government, including about 300 military advisors.

According to a Quinnipiac University poll Thursday, Americans in virtually every demographic group oppose sending troops back to Iraq, 63 to 29 percent. They also disapprove of the way the White House is handling its response to militant violence 55 to 37 percent.

The administration has ruled out airstrikes, but the Pentagon said last week the military is flying manned and unmanned aircrafts over the country for reconnaissance and to protect Americans on the ground. Fifty-two percent of respondents support the use of aircraft, while 39 percent say the U.S. should steer clear of airstrikes.

The poll also shows — by a two to one margin — voters think entering Iraq in 2003 was the wrong thing to do. Fifty-eight percent say the decision to withdraw in 2011 was the right move.