The feminist movement is over, according to a new poll.'s latest survey found that most women reject the label because feminists are seen as too extreme.

The survey said that 32 percent of women call themselves feminists, but 45 percent don't. Overall, 53 percent of the country say they are not feminists.

Feminism has become a hot topic in the Democratic race, with older women backing Hillary Rodham Clinton and younger women Sen. Bernie Sanders. Clinton's feminists backers, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem, have been critical of women not backing her, with Steinem even suggesting that young women back Sanders because that's where the boys are.

The poll analysis said, "The youngest Americans under the age of 30 (30 percent) are only slightly more likely than over-65s (27 percent) to say that they are feminists, but they are noticeably less likely to outright reject the label of feminist (44 percent to 62 percent)."

The leading reason why women reject the label is because they see feminists as too-extreme, 47 percent, and 7 percent agreed that "feminists are anti-men."

For the record, 27 percent of men reject the label because they feel feminists are anti-men.

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