In a potential opening for GOP challenger Mitt Romney in advance of this week's first presidential debate, fewer voters feel that the nation is better off under President Obama in several critical areas, especially race relations, jobs for kids and women, and U.S. diplomacy, according to a new poll.

Rasmussen Reports reveals that the first black American president has failed to heal racial divisions despite great hope in the African-American community. According to Rasmussen's newly released poll, 33 percent feel that race relations are worse under Obama, 43 percent see them unchanged and just 19 percent believe relations are better.

The poll tackled the famous Ronald Reagan debate line against former President Jimmy Carter in 1980 when the Gipper asked if Americans were better off than they were four years ago. The question helped raise doubts in the minds of voters supporting Carter and helped Reagan win the election.

Rasmussen included several specific topics like race and found that his sample of 1,000 likely voters polled September 27-28 felt that the answer to Reagan's question is "no."

Other examples:

-- On career opportunities for women, 26 percent said they are worse now, 39 percent about the same and 28 percent better.

-- On career opportunities for young Americans, a whopping 59 percent said they are worse, 22 percent the same and just 16 percent better.

-- On American power, 49 percent said the nation is weaker, 18 percent said about the same and 29 percent said stronger.

-- On American diplomacy, 50 percent said U.S. relations with allies are worse under Obama, 20 percent about the same and 25 percent better.