In an unusually positive review, Democratic pollster John Zogby said that President Trump brought his “A game” to the State of the Union Address and bolstered chances that the GOP will retain control of Congress in the midterm elections and maybe his own re-election odds.

“He hit a solid triple tonight. If he can sustain this message and tone, he will cross home plate standing up,” blogged Zogby, who co-authors our weekly White House Report Card.

While many Democratic and media analysts have spent the last dozen hours poking holes in Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress, Zogby said the president deserves credit for sticking to his script.

“We have to admit that the president had his A-game tonight when he delivered his first State of the Union message. Mr. Trump stuck close to his teleprompter and helped redefine his presidency,” wrote Zogby.

“We saw a mature man who seems to have grown into his job and one who elucidated his principles and his policies about as well as he has ever done. In the process, he not only moved well into the second year of his term but provided a strong and compelling message for Republican candidates in the 2018 elections,” he added.

See Zogby’s full post here.

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