In Minority Report, the Tom Cruise flick roughly based on the Philip K. Dick story of the same name, the federal “PreCrime Unit” prevented crimes through the work of precogs. Science fiction? Not if this New York Times article on beer and antitrust laws:

In January, the department sued AB InBev to prevent it from buying the rest of Mexico’s Grupo Modelo, a company in which it already carries a 50 percent stake. The case is not built on any leaked documents about some secret plan to abuse market power and raise prices. Instead, it’s based on the work of Justice Department economists who, using game theory and complex forecasting models, are able to predict what an even bigger AB InBev will do. Their analysis suggests that the firm, regardless of who is running it, will inevitably break the law.

Next up, they’ll figure out who will inevitably buy traditional incandescent bulbs.