Using the annual White House science fair on Tuesday, President Obama announced a new competition aimed at filling American's classrooms with more teachers.

"Today I'm announcing a new $35 million competition to train some of our best math and science graduates to become teachers and fill more of our classrooms with the hands on science that we see here today," the president remarked.

The president's announcement is a new step in his "Educate to Innovate" plan, which began back in 2009. The administration also announced an expansion to the AmeriCorps program, which will provide learning opportunities to 18,000 low income students this summer.

Obama expressed concern at the disproportionately small number of women and girls in the fields of math and science, while simultaneously encouraging them to join.

"Fewer than three in ten workers in science and engineering are women," Obama said. "We've got to change those numbers. These are the fields of the future. It's where the good jobs are going to be."

The president kept it light-hearted and joked with the students about his mishaps in the field.

"One year, I accidentally killed some plants that were part of my experiment," Obama quipped. "Another time, a bunch of mice escaped in my grandmother's apartment."