Last week, I wrote about Jerome Corsi, birthers, President Obama, and his birth certificate, and how the Right needed to collectively move on.

Today, Obama released the infamous birth certificate, and if ever there was an opportunity to drop the issue, this would be it. Could it be a forgery? Sure. Are there “problems” with it? Maybe. Did the doctor who signed the certificate die eight years ago? Yes. Does any of this matter? It shouldn’t at this point.

The Right will be less effective in advancing true liberty if it continues to submerse itself into this unwinnable fight.

Especially now. Obama released his birth certificate. He did what was asked and demanded, and the issue should end there, out of respect for the office of the president if nothing else.

Further, even if the birthers were successful in their mission to impeach Obama, it would have taken time, a lot of it. Meanwhile, he and his allies continue to promote and legislate their liberal policies. Policies which are dangerous and very real. Policies that infringe upon liberty. Policies that would remain legislated policies whether Obama was impeached or not.

In this sense, it is not a loss. If conservatives can put the issue behind them and focus on the threats to our freedom being perpetrated through government with the same zeal and commitment as they put into finding out the truth about Obama’s origins, the direction of our country and the state of liberty in America could change quickly and dramatically for the better.

Whether or not Obama’s birth certificate is real, the threats to liberty are very much so. And they will continue to no matter where Obama was born or what office he holds.

Obama himself said, “We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We've got better stuff to do.” And he’s absolutely right…we have a lot to do.

Since he has produced his birth certificate, it is time now to put that fight in the past and focus on a vastly more important and winnable battle: our liberty.