You poor, misguided Republicans. If only you could get with President Obama's program, everything would be right in America again.

That's how Obama sugarcoated his latest round of criticism of the GOP in his speech on the economy in Denver on Wednesday.

"Now, I always have to say this: I don't think that they're all terrible people. I think they love their families. They love the country," Obama explained. "They've got a different economic theory. Maybe they don't know what ordinary folks are going through. But maybe it's not that they don't get it. Maybe it's just because the theory they have is, is that if the economy is doing good for folks at the very top, then it's going to help everybody else -- despite the fact that we have evidence over and over again that those theories have failed the middle class."

So when Republicans refuse to accept the president's crackpot, job-killing economic theories because they think they're bad ideas and have the evidence to prove it, Daddy Obama will pat them on the head and set them straight. It's not like they're adults with their own minds or anything.