Accessing 75 percent of all U.S. Internet traffic apparently doesn’t count as snooping on the American public in the White House.

President Obama is standing by his statement that “there is no spying on Americans,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Wednesday.

Earnest said what the National Security Agency is doing is a “narrowly focused program that is focused specifically at foreign intelligence.”

He was not asked by reporters present to explain  why the NSA program retains, in some cases, the e-mail content sent between U.S. citizens within the U.S.

Obama claimed during his Aug. 9, 2013, news conference that “if you look at the reports, even the disclosures that Mr. [Edward] Snowden has put forward, all the stories that have been written, what you’re not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs and, you know, listening in on people’s phone calls or inappropriately reading people’s e-mails.”

This is called digging in your heels.