The Department of Health and Human Services released new regulations today detailing how it will enforce Obamacare’s contraception mandate on religious nonprofits. Here is how The Washington Post describes the rule:

Under this proposal, objecting nonprofits will be allowed to offer employees a plan that does not cover contraceptives. Their health insurer will then automatically enroll employees in a separate individual policy, which only covers contraceptives, at no cost. This policy would stand apart from the employer’s larger benefit package.

So, to recap, the Obama administration claims that the employer is not paying for the contraceptives, the employee is not paying for the contraceptives, and the insurance company is not paying for the contraceptives either. If none of these parties is paying, then who is?

Remember, Saint Sandra Fluke testified under oath before Congress that contraception costs $1,000 per year. When a female employee works for a religious non-profit, where does the Obama administration think that $1,000 a year is coming from? Perhaps Obama believes it descended from heaven.

With a slew of religious liberty lawsuits challenging the contraception mandate working their way through federal court one of Obama’s lawyers will surely be explaining it all to a judge soon.