President Trump on Thursday praised the cease-fire negotiated with Russian President Vladimir Putin during last week's G-20 summit, and said a lot of lives were saved because of that agreement.

"That was a result of having communication with a country, so during that five-day period, a lot of lives have been saved. A lot of people have not been killed. No shots have been fired in a very, very dangerous part of the world, and this is one of the most dangerous parts of Syria itself," Trump said Thursday during a joint press conference in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron was asked during the press conference if he believed Trump was taking a hard enough stance on Russia, particularly after it was revealed earlier this week that the president's son, Donald Trump Jr., attended a meeting with a Russian lawyer last year to obtain dangerous information about Hillary Clinton.

Macron said he believed it is necessary for both countries to work with Russia to find solutions in the Middle East, and Trump pointed to the ceasefire as an example of where the relationship proved beneficial. He said that while it has only lasted five days, that's a triumph in war-torn Syria, where prior efforts to impose a cease-fire have failed.

"By having some communication and dialogue, we were able to have a ceasefire," Trump said. "We are working on a second ceasefire in a very rough part of Syria. If we get that and a few more, all of a sudden, you're going to have no bullets firing in Syria, and that is a wonderful thing."

Trump met with Putin on the sidelines of the G-20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany, last week.

The president is in Paris to celebrate Bastille Day and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the United States' entry into World War I.