Texas businessman Jim Crane traveled to Florida last weekend to play golf with the President and shared a little bit of his experience with the local FOX affiliate.

“He played pretty good,” Crane said. “He made a bunch of pars. I don’t think he made a birdie. He putts the ball well. He strikes it well. I think if he had a little time, which we probably don’t want him doing right now, he’d probably get pretty proficient at it.”

Crane added that the President, “just likes to be one of the guys,” admitting that Obama teamed up with Tiger Woods against him and former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk.

“They did put it on us pretty good,” Crane said.

Crane is the owner of the Floridian National Golf Club, where the president spent his weekend golf trip, and also the owner of the Houston Astros. Crane attended a fundraiser for Obama at the Houston Astro’s complex last March.