The White House press pool, with President Obama in Martha’s Vineyard to cover his every movement, seems to have had enough of their 16-day assignment.

After being snubbed by the active president who didn’t show his face to reporters on Friday or Saturday, the press “pool” on Saturday turned to mockery as Obama hit the links -- again.

“Subject: Travel pool report #2 - golf o'clock,” said the second press pool report issued Saturday morning. “Those of you expecting more golf...will not be disappointed. After an uneventful drive, we have arrived at the Farm Neck golf club at 10:47 a.m. and POTUS is again hitting the links,” it added.

While other presidents have tried to briefly make themselves available to traveling media photographers during vacations, Obama has gone days without being seen by the press corps pool, a group formed years ago for death watch duties but also used by the White House as a mini-press corps that relays information to the larger corps.

After his 192nd round of golf as president on Saturday, for example, the pooler reported: "POTUS motorcade has arrived back at the rental home at 6:08 pm and the WH has called a lid. Your pooler has not seen POTUS today. The WH has confirmed the public reports (in the Boston Globe and elsewhere) that POTUS and FLOTUS are dining at the house today with Deval Patrick, the governor of Massachusetts and a long time friend. Signing off now. Have a good evening."

On Friday their frustration in not seeing the president again, essentially making their job pointless, bubbled to the surface.

After the president and first lady returned from a walk Friday, for example, the pool report noted, “The president and Michelle Obama remained out of sight during their morning hike, so unfortunately, the pool cannot offer any insights about their excursion.”

Then last night, sent with the presidential motorcade to cover the first family’s attendance at the Oak Bluffs, Mass. fireworks, the following pool reports were filed.

At 12:44 a.m.: “After five hours in Oak Bluffs, President Obama departed in the motorcade at 12:40 a.m. The pool, which had a semi-obstructed view, can attest that there were fireworks. The show started at 9:15 and lasted about 25 minutes. The fireworks display was fairly standard. The pool did not get to watch the president watching the fireworks and cannot say how the First Family rated the show in the sky.”

At 1:08 a.m.: “President Obama's motorcade made its way back to Chilmark and arrived at the president's vacation home at 1:08 a.m. There were no Obama sightings today.”

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