Police in Prince George's County arrested a county employee on charges of extortion and harassment on Thursday.

John Cleveland Brown, 52, of Clinton was a building inspector for the county's Department of Environmental Resources.

Brown allegedly harassed the owner of Levi's Restaurant in Clinton by using his position as a building inspector to get the owner to pay $1,000 a week for Brown's band to perform at the restaurant. Brown also allegedly threatened to take away the restaurant's permits.

On Thursday, police say an undercover officer was posing as the restaurant's entertainment manager when Brown entered and demanded money. He was then placed under arrest.

When Brown was arrested, he was on duty and using his county car.

The threats reportedly had been occurring since March 2012.

Adam Ortiz, acting director of the Department of Environmental Resources said at press conference Friday that Brown started working with the department in 2007, and the agency was cooperating with police.