The Prince George's County Council is considering a bill that would ban a set of 10 synthetic drugs that officials say can be even more dangerous than the drugs they mimic.

"A lot of people are smoking synthetic marijuana - it looks almost like potpourri," said Council Chairwoman Andrea Harrison, D-Bladensburg, who introduced the bill. "People create ways for individuals to get high, and they add so many other chemicals."

The added chemicals can cause seizures and other unexpected ailments, Harrison said. She added that the synthetic drugs can be bought at gas stations and corner stores around the county.

The drugs are difficult to legislate against since their compounds keep changing, county legislative officer Leroy Maddox Jr. said.

"It's a very tricky piece - these chemists will reconfigure the composition," Maddox said. "This [list] is just a snapshot right now."

Under the proposal, anyone caught selling or possessing the synthetic drugs listed would be hit with a $1,000 fine and/or up to six months in prison.