The inspector general for the Prince George's County Police Department spoke about the agency's use of science and technology at a university course in Argentina earlier this month.

In his presentation, Inspector General Carlos Acosta talked about the police department's forensics lab and partnerships between police and private companies. He also discussed a case where Prince George's police worked with the FBI and used several types of technology in order to build a case against an organized criminal organization that was committing bank robberies, ATM thefts and car thefts.

Acosta's presentation took place at a post-graduate course at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata on Dec. 6. The inspector general said that the people in the class asked smart questions and that he learned from the other presenters who came from other countries.

"I was surrounded by super-smart people," Acosta said.

This was his first trip to Argentina, but Acosta is no stranger to working with law enforcement from other countries. When he worked in the U.S. Department of Justice, Acosta managed a program in which the United States worked with police and prosecutors in Mexico.

"I'm a big believer in cross-pollination," he said.