The Israeli-Palestinian conflict played out on Metrobuses in Washington during the annual Cherry Blossom Festival -- one ad campaign displaying anti-Israel messaging and other displaying anti-Palestine messaging.

Stand With Us, an organization that promotes Israel around the world, bought ads urging America to stop sending U.S. aid to Palestine. SWU's ad campaign began April 11, just before the anti-Israel campaign ended.

“The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank uses American tax dollars to pay monthly salaries to convicted Palestinian terrorists, thus providing incentives for future terrorist actions,” SWU said. “Salaries are paid on a sliding scale: the more Israelis murdered, the higher the wages, with mass murders receiving the highest wages.”

In March, American Muslims for Palestine announced that it would use the Cherry Blossom Festival to urge America to stop sending taxpayer dollars to Israel.

“While Americans are struggling to pay their taxes during these difficult economic times, our hard-earned money is going to a country that has implemented the last and longest-lasting military occupation in the modern world,” AMP board member Dr. Osama Abu Irshaid said. “We tie foreign aid to human rights in other countries. Why don’t we do the same in Israel?”

How is U.S. foreign aid tied to human rights? The top recipients of U.S. aid (after Israel) are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Egypt -- all countries known for their horrific treatment of women and Christians.

Well, maybe Abu Irshaid just doesn’t count women and Christians as sufferers of human rights abuses.