In a new ad purporting to show the benefits of Obamacare, Organizing for Action (formerly Obama’s re-election campaign) fails to provide adequate sources for its claims. The ad does not include quotes from the articles, the author of the article cited or even the title of the article. A Lexis Nexis and archive search could not find the articles mentioned in the ad.

The ad claims that the average health insurance rebate was $150 in 2012. Funny thing about this claim: The ad cites The Washington Post as the source and gives the date of the article as Jan. 6, 2013, but there appears to be no articles that day mentioning the rebates. There is a WaPo article that mentions the rebate, but it cites — wait for it — the Obama administration’s own figures.

What’s also funny about the rebate claim is that health insurance premiums actually increased in 2012, by 3 percent to 4 percent, depending on who reports. That increase is actually more than the rebate. So, best-case scenario, those that got the average rebate still had their premiums rise. Yay Obamacare!

The ad then claims that small businesses will be able to receive tax credits worth up to 50 percent of workers’ health insurance. The ad cites a Reuters article from 6/7/13, but again, an archive search found no articles even remotely matching that description. Without that, it’s hard to know how that conclusion was reached.

Advertising companies often play fast and loose with the facts, but this goes above and beyond that. The OFA ad makes vague references to citations, and the website cited at the end of the spot offers no links to the articles.

OFA has so far not responded to a media inquiry.