An Obamacare advocacy group is targeting two New York Republican lawmakers in an effort to get them to vote against any tax reform bill that includes a repeal of the law’s individual mandate penalty.

The radio ads by the group Save My Care try to strike at a divide among Republicans that opposed the Obamacare repeal back in May but backed tax reform in November. The House version of that tax bill did not include repeal of the individual mandate penalty, but it was added to the Senate version that passed early Saturday morning, and House lawmakers may end up considering similar language.

The lawmakers targeted by the ads are New York Reps. John Katko and Claudia Tenney.

Katko voted against Obamacare repeal in May but voted for tax reform, while Tenney voted for both bills.

There were 20 House Republicans that voted against Obamacare repeal, and only 13 that voted against tax reform.

Many of the opponents of the House tax reform bill were from high-tax states such as New Jersey, New York, and California. Those lawmakers opposed language that would scale back the state and local tax deduction in order to pay for tax reform.

“The ads call on Reps. Katko and Tenney to oppose the GOP tax bill that repeals healthcare to pay for tax breaks for the wealthiest, and calls on voters to contact them and tell them to vote no,” the group said in a press release.

House and Senate lawmakers are expected to hold a conference to reconcile differences between the House and Senate tax bills. Then the two chambers will vote again on whatever comes out of that conference committee. Republicans have said they hope to get the bill to President Trump by Christmas.