A progressive women's organization leading the charge against Donald Trump is demanding that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos remove the Republican presidential front-runner's menswear line from his website.

The group UltraViolet Action recently launched a petition that has reportedly attracted more than 36,000 signatures and calls on Bezos to reject Trump's "racism, sexism and xenophobia" by discontinuing the availability of his clothing line in Amazon's marketplace.

Trump's name is currently attached to more than 30,000 products on Amazon, though not all of them are owned and manufactured by the Trump Organization. In addition to dress shirts and ties, "Trump 2016" bumper stickers and knockoff "Make America Great Again" hats are currently for sale.

"Amazon has a history of doing the right thing and removing sexist merchandise," UltraViolet's co-founder Shaunna Thomas said in a statement.

She continued, "Donald Trump has promoted violence at campaign events, stoked the fires of sexism and racism in America and espouses a political philosophy that borders on fascism [and] these values have no place on the Amazon marketplace."

Shortly after Trump likened illegal immigrants to criminals and "rapists" during his announcement speech last June, Macy's announced its decision to pull Trump brand merchandise from its shelves.

"Macy's did the right thing — listening to its customers and concluding that Trump was bad for business," Thomas said.

While hoping Amazon will do the same, the company has not yet responded to the group's petition. A spokesperson for Amazon return the Washington Examiner's request for comment.

UltraViolet began its public crusade against Trump earlier this month when it released a series of digital ads linking Republican senators up for reelection to Donald Trump earlier this month.