Approximately 50 protesters gathered across the street from the Anaheim Marriott and rallied against Steve Bannon, who was scheduled as the keynote speaker at the California Republican Party convention on Friday.

At least two groups — Resistance - Northridge, Indivisible and Indivisible OC 46 — along with supporters demonstrated why they want Bannon, former White House chief strategist and executive chairman of Breitbart News, to denounce his "extremist and radical alt-right agenda," according to ABC 7.

Founder of the Resistance- Northridge, Indivisible Michelle Fowle said Bannon was "dangerous" and was attempting to recruit "more extreme people" to the Republican party, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"Information and exposure and understanding show us that he is dangerous. He's a very, very good manipulator," Fowle said. "His goal is to try and get rid of established Republicans and bring in more extreme people. Bannon is using whatever base Trump has left to recruit."

In his speech, Bannon condemned former President George W. Bush as the most "destructive" president ever and warned that California might secede from the U.S.

Bannon spoke last week at the Values Voter Summit and declared a "season of war" on Republican lawmakers in an attempt to defeat members of the so-called "Republican establishment" in 2018.

The California Republican Party bolstered security for the convention, in the event that Bannon attracted protesters on Friday night, requiring attendees to enter through metal detectors and potentially have their property searched prior to enter the ballroom where the speech and dinner were being held.