City University of New York students surrounded David Petraeus, a retired Army general and former CIA director, shouting "murderer" and "war criminal," and promising he can expect similar abuse on the way to "every class."

"You've got blood all over you — I can smell you," one young woman shouted as Petraeus walks to class. "You're nothing but a disgusting imperialist," another person shouted.

"Every class, David!" the students also chanted in the video made public Tuesday.

Earlier this year, Petraeus accepted a teaching post as a part-time visiting professor at CUNY's Macaulay Honors College.

The four-star general developed the Surge military strategy that brought stability to Iraq before the United States military withdrew from the country in 2008.

After a stint in command in Afghanistan, he took a post as CIA director in 2011, only to resign in November of 2012 after admitting that he had engaged in an extramarital affair.

H/T Campus Reform