Facing an unsteady economy, the public has turned on federal spending for health care, job creation, environmental protection and even veterans' benefits, according to a new poll provided to Secrets.

In its latest Obamacare poll, Public Opinion Strategies found that Americans aren't just down on the health care reform pushed by the president. They seem to want Washington to stop spending their tax dollars on most programs.

Pollster Bill McInturff found, for example, that just 38 percent support spending on health care, a 23-point drop since 2009, when Obamacare passed. On other programs over the three-year period, he found that 24 percent support spending on the jobless, a 20-point drop; 36 percent support more Medicare funding, a 17-point drop; 33 percent support spending on the environment, down 10 points in three years; and 53 percent back spending for veterans' benefits, down 10 points since 2009.