The official Puerto Rico death toll in connection to Hurricane Maria has risen to 34, Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello announced Thursday evening following President Trump's visit.

After not updating the death toll for six days, the number has more than doubled from its last update of 16 deaths.

Rossello also said the Category 4 hurricane that ravaged the island two weeks ago and has left many without food, water, and power has caused $90 billion in damage across the island. Power may not be returned to the entirety of the island for six months.

Trump increased aid to Puerto Rico last week by amending his disaster declaration for the U.S. territory, and agreed to ease shipping rules in the hopes of getting aid there more quickly. Federal Emergency Management Agency officials, first responders, and the military have been sent to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands to assist those recovering from the aftermath of recent hurricanes.

However, Trump has been criticized by Democrats, as well as the mayor of San Juan, and others, for not acting quickly enough to respond to the widespread devastation from the storm.

Despite this, Trump said he heard only "thank yous" during his visit Tuesday to meet with local officials and people impacted by the storm.