The New York Times published an op-ed recently decrying Walmart for not paying its workers higher wages and for promoting “income inequality.”

And although it's not exactly new or interesting for an op-ed to attack the mega retailer, what is interesting is how Walmart responded.

Basically, Walmart took a red pen to the New York Times story and issued a pretty scathing rebuttal.

“We saw this article in The New York Times and couldn't overlook how wildly inaccurate it is, so we had some fun with it,” Walmart said in a blog posting.

Now, just to be clear, when I say "surprisingly aggressive,” I mean "aggressive" when compared to most corporate responses. See, most companies take a drier and robotic approach to criticism, responding in soft and purely diplomatic tones.

The Walmart rebuttal, however, is pretty bold as far as reactions to the press are concerned.

See for yourself: