1. This coming winter will be the coldest winter (late 2014 and early 2015) on modern record. Stock up on firewood now.

  2. Snowfall records will be set in Europe and the U.S.

  3. Natural gas prices will continue to drop anyway but home heating oil, gasoline, and coal prices will increase.

  4. The storms bringing the snowfall in the U.S. will follow the Arctic Vortex pattern we saw this winter. If you’re considering switching to a gas furnace, do it this summer.

  5. Spring 2015 will come late, and will also set precipitation records.

  6. Arctic ice coverage will reach record levels of expansion, and total surface area covered for the modern era. This is a major reversal.

  7. Sunspot cycle 24, the one we are in, will continue to track sunspot cycle five. Although this prediction, and the last one, go beyond 2015, sunspot cycle 25 will closely track cycle six, and the winters following 2015 will be even colder, longer, and substantially more severe than any in modern memory.

  8. The sun’s magnetic field will switch poles this year.

  9. A team of German and Russian scientists will pin down the relationship between sunspots and the earth’s terrestrial temperatures.

  10. This theory will rest on the assertion that there is a relationship between the seemingly random distribution of sunspots on the surface of the sun, and long-term weather patterns here on earth.

  11. The German/Russian math team will demonstrate that the heat and light energy radiating from the sun’s core moves in a wave pattern.

    When the sun’s core is aligned gravitationally with the rest of the solar system, a state known as a “midpoint singularity,” this changes the wave pattern, producing less of an interference pattern, or moiré pattern, in the energy movement within the sun.

    Here on earth, we perceive such a “midpoint singularity” condition within the sun as low to no sunspot activity or "solar minimum," because we only get to study the surface on the sun, not the actual wave patterns within it.

  12. Milankovich cycles and sunspot cycles, overlaid upon each other (not the 11-year-sunspot pattern, but the 200-year one), will turn out to comprise 99.9999 percent of temperature forcing here on earth.

  13. This “quiet” period of relatively few sunspots is connected to the position of the outer gas giant planets.

    In other words, their orbital patterns, and the resulting gravitational “fattening” of the sun’s core, are the principal drivers behind sunspot “flaring” on the surface of the sun. That in turn increases UV radiation by as much as 100 percent, which in turn, heats the earth.

    Changes in X-ray and UV emission during sunspot activity are the principal reason sunspots impact earth’s weather more than previously thought. These emission changes heavily impact the solar winds and the solar absorption rate here on earth.

  14. Global warming proponents, in the face of all this overwhelmingly physical and scientific evidence discrediting their crazy CO2 theories, will punch back, claiming all of this bad weather is actually a result of the higher CO2 levels.

  15. The earth is entering a cooling phase. Hopefully, mankind will react accordingly. Some global warming articles I’ve read already conclude this cold weather we experienced this past winter was a result of manmade global warming. That argument will hit a snow bank in 2015.

  16. Other global warming proponents will dispute that anything can predict weather patterns this accurately in advance. Show them this list. Next spring.

Karl Spain is the former president of the Journal Newspapers.