There are two main forces within the GOP today: K Street lobbyist and the Tea Party.

In Wisconsin, K Street won the GOP Senate primary, nominating pro-Obamacare health-care lobbyist Tommy Thompson over two conservatives. In Indiana, the Tea Party won, nominating conservative Richard Mourdock over K Street moderate and business-PAC favorite Dick Lugar.

If Mourdock, who hurt his chances with a very poor choice of words regarding people conceived through rape, loses, you can expect plenty of crowing from the likes of David Frum over how the Tea Party is killing the GOP. But what if Tommy Thompson loses in Wisconsin? Is that a sign that the K Street wing is killing the party?

And Tea Party insurgent Ted Cruz is nearly certain to win in Texas.

So, if you’re a Tea Party partisan, and Cruz and Mourdock win, while Thompson loses, you might do some crowing. If Thompson wins and Mourdock loses, you might eat some crow.