MSNBC host Rachel Maddow declared Thursday that Hillary Clinton is "not a retired politician" after conducting an hour-long interview with the failed 2016 presidential candidate.

Maddow explained to colleague Lawrence O'Donnell during their hand-off that Clinton was very well-versed in current events, including on "Russia stuff."

"She is definitely still in the arena," Maddow said.

In surmising her takeaway from the interview, which was done as part of Clinton's book tour for What Happened, Maddow said, "So, she's -- this is not a retired politician."

"I know she said she's not going to run again but this is definitely somebody who is still very much in the arena given the circumstances of her election and who won against her I think that's an incredibly interesting dynamic for the country moving forward," she added.

Clinton has repeatedly stressed that she will not run for office again, including during her interview with Maddow. But she added, "I'm not going to leave politics even though I'm not going to be a candidate," referring to her new political group Onward Together.