Former presidential candidate Ralph Nader on Thursday embarked on a Twitter tirade against President Trump, knocking the commander in chief over efforts to loosen Obamacare's menu labeling rules and his desire to have a military parade in Washington, D.C.

Signing off on tweets from his official account with "-R," indicating the messages were from Nader and not his staff, the consumer advocate said Trump "is going backwards" by "exposing" Americans to "more fat, sugar and salt."

"Chile, facing a skyrocketing obesity epidemic, is cracking down on junk food including Frosted Flakes and Cheetos," Nader said. "The Chilean government is pushing for a nutritional revolution to protect its children, while Trump is going backwards exposing them to more fat, sugar and salt."

Nader was referring to Republican legislation that is making its way through Congress, and is supported by the White House, that would pare back Obamacare rules that require restaurant chains, supermarkets, and convenience stores to make calorie counts and other nutrition information available to customers. By comparison, Chile, has cracked down on junk food via packaging restrictions and labeling rules in an effort to combat high rates of obesity in the country.

Nader also mocked Trump about his desire to have a grand parade in the nation's capital to display the United States' military might. He called Trump a "serial draft dodger" — a reference to Trump's five draft deferments during the Vietnam War, the first four being for college and the fifth for heel spurs — and noted the contrast to former President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who had been an Army general who led Allied forces in Europe during World War II. Eisenhower received an elaborate inaugural parade in 1953, which included tens of thousands of military service members.

"Unlike Eisenhower, serial draft dodger Trump wants a big, costly military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC…as if we have to prove we can blow up the world 300 times over and make the rubble bounce," Nader tweeted. What’s next? A junta? -R."

Nader hasn't been shy with his criticism of Trump. For instance, back in October 2017 he wrote an op-ed condemning Trump's "anti-consumer agenda."

Nader also tweeted Thursday evening about the current spending deal battle in Congress, complaining that a rise in spending caps gives more millions of dollars to defense than non-defense spending.

"Congressional Dems crowing about a deal with the GOP that gives the bloated Pentagon contractors $80 billion more while only increasing the budget for dire necessities for Americans by $63 billion," he said. "Not enough to save lives, prevent disease, and pay for critical public services -R."