Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, already at a Code Red alert level over President Trump, has gone nuclear over the administration's immigration actions in the first 100 days, accusing "Trumplandia" of lies, fear and racism in jumping arrests of illegals by 32 percent.

"Trump opened the box of prejudices, and the result is fear. In more than 30 years in this country, I have never seen an anti-immigrant climate as harmful as this. Politically incorrect has become acceptable in Trumplandia. Many confuse being honest with being overtly racist," Ramos raged in a column for La Prensa.

"There are many ways to judge the first 100 days of Trump. For me and many immigrants, it has been 100 days of fear," wrote the most prominent Hispanic on TV and an influential political voice.

In writing about the fears he sees in the immigrant community, Ramos said that illegals have done nothing wrong other than to come to America to make the lives of Americans better.

He wrote:

These are people whose only crime was to enter the United States illegally. Nothing else. They came in to do the jobs no one else wants to do. All Americans are accomplices to the undocumented. They came to the United States for us, we benefit from their work and thousands of companies hire them.

They did not come for a ride to Disneyland. They have not killed or hurt anyone; Have not stolen, raped, brought drugs; And have not stopped them driving while intoxicated.

See his full column here.

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