“Anybody want to fire some IRS agents?” asked Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. this afternoon during a Tea Party rally on Capitol Hill.

After the crowd roared with approval, Paul continued. “Why don’t we start with the 16,000 IRS agents that are going to implement Obamacare? he asked.

Paul was critical of the government for the number of scandals in the news – referring specifically to the Internal Revenue Service targeting Tea Party leaders and the National Security Agency spying on Americans.

“I think we can have freedom and security and the Bill of Rights and the Constitution all at the same time,” Paul said frankly. “I’m like most Americans – horrified that my government has gotten out of control and is persecuting people for their religious and their political beliefs and it needs to end and it needs to end now.

Paul joked that he borrowed Harry Reid’s phone to bring to the rally.

“You think the NSA is going to be surprised when they see Harry Reid at a Tea Party?” he joked.