“I think we’re trapped,” Paul admitted to reporters after a spending a frustrating day trying to explain his immigration plan.

Paul launched his ideas for immigration reform in a speech to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce today suggesting that illegal immigrants should be allowed a way to remain in the United States to work.

Some news organizations called his plan a “pathway to citizenship” and others called his plan “amnesty” but Paul was clearly frustrated by the characterization of his plan.

“The immigration debate has been trapped and it’s polarized by two terms ‘pathway to citizenship’ and ‘amnesty,’” Paul said. “Can’t we have reform and just not call it certain names that discourage the progress?”

Paul admitted that he was not referring to a “new pathway” for citizenship, but would support allowing illegal immigrants to get a type of work visa before allowing them to apply for citizenship.

Paul distanced himself from the hard lines of the debate, emphasizing that he would remain engaged in the conversation.

“I’m a conservative Republican who says we need to move forward on the issue,” Paul said. “That’s a big step forward because many conservatives haven’t wanted any immigration reform.”