On Twitter Thursday, Sen. Rand Paul reacted to reports of the National Security Agency secretly obtaining phone call data from Verizon users in America.

“Is 1984 Now?” he asked. “Big Brother is watching.”

Paul tweeted a link to one of his YouTube videos, where he highlights a quote from Orwell’s “1984″ to question the Patriot Act.

“Just Orwellian fiction right? It could never happen in America,” Paul says in the video, highlighting the civil liberties threatened by the Patriot Act.

“Decide for yourself,” he adds.

Paul issued a statement earlier this morning calling the NSA seizure of phone records “an astounding assault on the Constitution.

“After revelations that the Internal Revenue Service targeted political dissidents and the Department of Justice seized reporters’ phone records, it would appear that this Administration has now sunk to a new low,” he added.

Paul reminded Americans that he opposed the authorization of FISA, while Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told the Senate that FISA was “necessary to protect us from the evil in this world.”

“The Bill of Rights was designed to protect us from evil, too, particularly that which always correlates with concentrated government power, and particularly Executive power,” Paul added. “If the President and Congress would obey the Fourth Amendment we all swore to uphold, this new shocking revelation that the government is now spying on citizens’ phone data en masse would never have happened.”