A web page on the Federal Elections Commission website said that Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul was officially running for the White House in 2016.

However, it was a false alarm as the page was actually just created by the FEC to handle expenditures from a super PAC supporting Paul for 2016, an FEC spokeswoman told the Washington Examiner. The senator's office told the Examiner he hasn't filed anything, and the FEC said that it did not receive any statement of candidacy for president.

The mix-up appears to have occurred from a common bureaucratic procedure. In 2013, the Human Actions super PAC had reported independent expenditures supporting Paul for President. Since the FEC can't link transactions to a candidate that doesn't exist, the agency set up an ID page that seemed to note Paul was filing to be president.

The FEC has done this before, but it has never caused such confusion, the spokesperson told the Examiner. The page was not readily available on the FEC's website and the agency doesn't know how the ID page was discovered.

Paul has made signals that he may run for president but hasn't announced anything officially.

This story has been updated.