During an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer yesterday, Rand Paul discussed a potential presidential run in 2016 after he was asked what he learned from his father’s presidential campaigns.

Paul explained that Republicans have struggled in the past to field candidates who attract a wide base of support, but that the country might be trending toward his brand of politics.

“I think that the country is starting to understand that the candidates we’re putting forward and what we’re talking about as Republicans isn’t appealing to a large enough group of people,” Paul said, suggesting that it was important to appeal to “purple” states and blue states like New York and California.

Paul added that his father, Ron Paul, appealed to young people because he stood on principle.

“I think the youth are captivated by stands on principle,” Paul added. “I think our stand for trial by jury and not droning Americans was something that a lot of young people accepted, they like you to stand on principle and stand on something you believe in.”