Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., suggested on Fox News Wednesday evening that most Senate Republicans are unlikely to back an Obamacare defunding proposal by Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah.

Lee has been building support amongst Republican senators for a continuing resolution that funds the government, but with the notable exception of President Obama’s signature domestic legislation.

Fox News host Sean Hannity expressed support for Lee’s proposal during an interview with Paul, pointing out that if the measure passed in the House and Senate Democrats refused to pass it, responsibility for shutting down the government would fall on them.

“Do you think Republicans have the courage to do that?” Hannity asked.

“Frankly, probably not,” Paul said, but added that he would stand with Lee’s bill out of principle, while forcing Democrats to explain why they still support the controversial law.

“Why are they delaying it? Why are they giving special waivers to their friends? Why have some corporations gotten waivers, and other corporations not. Why are some businesses going get exemptions and some individuals not?” Paul asked. “I think – if they’re going to cherry pick and select out for some, they need to re-explain this to the American people.”