Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., suggested that images of the Democratic National Convention booing at the addition of the word “God” to the party platform could haunt the presidential election in swing states.

“I think images are worth a thousand words and I think one of the bad images that they have to overcome is images of everybody booing God,” Paul said on CBS today when asked about Obama’s apparently-favorable path to reelection.  “And that didn’t look so good, you know, when ‘God’ was in the platform, out of the platform — and then when they were putting ‘God’ back in the platform they had three votes and there was a lot of booing going on.”

Democratic National Convention chair Antonio Villaraigosa held three votes over amending the party platform to reflect their 2008 position on the status of Jerusalem and to include a reference to God. The voice votes obviously fell short of the two-thirds support required to amend the platform without a formal count, but Villaraigosa angered the audience by ruling in favor of the “ayes” anyway, which prompted the booing.

“That image is one that you’re going to see again and again and I think it’s hard for them to overcome that,” Paul predicted.

When CBS’s Norah O’Donnell asked if it would decide the election in those swing states, Paul suggested it was possible.

“It’s just funny, you don’t know what people make their decision on,” he said, conceding that it’s not a very “substantive” issue for this year. “Just the images of people really yelling and booing over putting God back in the platform — I think it’s a difficult image for them to overcome.”