Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., questioned whether the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of innocent American’s metadata and phone records was constitutional, saying Sunday he believes the Supreme Court should address the issue.

“The constitutionality of these programs needs to be questioned and there needs to be a Supreme Court decision that looks at whether or not what they’re doing is constitutional,” Paul told Fox News’ John Roberts.

Paul also discussed the claim used by proponents of the NSA program that it helped foil terrorist plots, saying that it was actually police work that foiled the plots and not the collection of phone records.

“We really discovered that they did not uniquely use this American surveillance program to get anyone,” Paul said. “I think they got most of the terrorists or stopped most of the terrorists, if not all of the plots, by good, old-fashioned police work.”

Paul said that more oversight of the program would be good, but that parts of the program were “fundamentally unconstitutional. … The Constitution doesn’t allow for a single warrant to get a billion phone records.”